Message from the Founder

Dear Valued Reader,
Since I started this company sixteen years ago, our mission at NHRPFDN has always been to foster transparency within the workplace. I wanted NHRPFDN to take the responsibility of the disabled people and help them provide the life they are deprived of.
I myself being a blind person with facing a lot of difficulties than the normal ones I felt there are many who are in the same pain that I am going through.
After doing a little research I understood that we disabled people are really deprived in many areas of opportunities, rights, laws, education, skills and so on which was overlooked by most.
I decided to do something for them and that’s how NHRPFDN was founded. We have provided education materials, wheel chair, walking stick, job placements, skill training, legal rights, and keep scrutinizing legal policy and laws.
NHRPFDN will keep helping the disabled peoples and we urge you to do the same.

With regards,
Babu K Maharjan


Our story starts way back, when NHRPFDN was founded on 2007 A.D with vision to make a difference.
NHRPFD-Nepal is registered non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political self-motive organization. It is registered at District Administration office Kathmandu at 2007 A.D under the act of country and affiliated with Social Welfare Council and National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal (NFD-Nepal) since the formal registeration at District Administration office (DAO).
NHRPFD-Nepal stands for comprehensive development of PWDs of Nepal through the right to live with dignity, freedom and equality.
Disabled people are discriminated in our society, culture and profession. Political beliefs are dreadful for disability human rights. Disabled people are in critical situation, laws and acts are only valid in the paper.
Disabled people also have the right to live with dignity, freedom and equality, it’s our duty to be responsible and increase awareness on national and international declarations to the rights of disabled people passed by the United Nations.
Thus “National Human Right Protection Forum for the Disabled Nepal” supports in forming the national policy for disabled people and for the development of (PWDs) Person with Disabilities.


  • To work for disables concerning their rights as well as legal policy and laws with priority.
  • To provide without cost formal and informal education based on test books from class 1 to degree level by providing audio and needed materials for blinds, also providing audio materials as to prepare exam for public and education service commissions.
  • To provide jobs through education, health care and protect other rights about disabled issues.
  • To appeal time to time concerning international and national agreement and program for disables of their legal rights.
  • To provide audio and other materials and various kinds of books like religion, philosophy, novel, stories, etc. from the library.


  • Audio books distribution
  • Books distribution
  • Wheel chair distribution
  • Walking Stick distribution
  • Skill Training
  • Job Placements
  • Rehabilation
  • Inspiration and support


  • According to our aims our NGO has been preparing more than 25,000 books for the disabled students from school to university level.

  • 100 to 1000’s of students have a golden approach to educational opportunities and honor. We are also preparing competitive and successful candidates for public and educational service commissions as well as other governmental jobs.
  • In connection to advocate injustice activities of disabled sector from the government and other sides, the chairman of this NGO has appealed to the supreme court for expelling disabled school teachers unjustly. The Supreme court is considering it.
  • We are continuing this ongoing program in future.